• All people who are deafblind will live rich meaningful lives
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How do I become a member of CDBA?

Becoming a member is very easy; you may either download a copy of our membership form to the left or complete the membership form online.

Once completed, please mail/fax/scan and e-mail your form to our main office.

Memberships may be paid by cash, cheque, credit card or e-transfer.

Members of the Canadian Deafblind Association have an opportunity to:

Share the mission

Join with families, consumers, professionals, advocates and Intervenors to assist all persons who are deafblind to achieve, with Intervention, the best quality of life.

Be an advocate

Participate in a wide range of activities on behalf of individuals with deafblindness, including political action, public awareness, communications, and fundraising.

Enjoy "Intervention" news magazine

Receive the acclaimed CDBA news magazine "Intervention" 2x annually in both printed and virtual formats. Each edition is packed full of articles from Chapters and facilities across Canada, personal profiles, professional information, and news from the international scene.


Share knowledge and ideas with fellow family members, advocates, professionals, peers, and Intervenors at meetings and conferences and through the Internet via Facebook, Twitter and the CDBA website.

Support educational opportunities 

Involve yourself in provincial workshops and seminars on deafblindness as a delegate, planner, volunteer, sponsor and/or donor.

Receive information

Via CDBA National's quarterly e-newsletter; "Fact Sheets" on a variety of topics such as Congenital Rubella, CHARGE Syndrome and Usher Syndrome, as well as regular e-bulletins delivering deafblind news directly to your inbox. Membership also gives you complete access to CDBA archived presentations, articles, reports and more.

Belong to your provincial chapter

Benefit from automatic membership in the provincial chapter where you reside. Through a chapter you can be involved in ‘grass roots’ activities and service programs, participating hands-on in improving the lives of individuals who are deafblind. Provincial CDBA chapters also regularly publish a newsletter loaded with stories, articles and pertinent information about deafblindness.

Benefit from CDBA's international connection

Opportunities to meet and learn from professionals, consumers and family members from around the world and discover similarity of goals through CDBA’s international connection with Deafblind International (DbI)

Apply to the CDBA National Support Fund

Emergency and/or supplemental financial assistance is available to eligible CDBA members and their families

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