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The purpose of this National Support Fund is to provide CDBA members living in Canada who are deafblind with another funding option to assist them with the purchase of:

  1. Intervention services during or as the result of an emergency
  2. Intervention services for individuals confined to a hospital
  3. Specialized education or recreation programs
  4. Specialized equipment
  5. Other services or equipment resulting from specialized or unique circumstances.


Persons Qualifying:

  1. Those individuals who have been identified as deafblind and/or in a deafblind service program.
  2. The individual or their immediate family must be a current member of CDBA in good standing for a minimum of 6 months prior to the submission of the funding application.


Requests for funding may be received from any source on behalf of any qualifying individual from across Canada.

The application form is available for download in PDF format, by completing the online submission form below, or by contacting the CDBA National office.

Requests MUST be submitted in writing.


an unplanned event for which the individual or their advocate has had less than 14 days to prepare.


adding to other funding sources which may be insufficient to cover Intervention Services during short-term hospital stays or specialized education or recreational programs, the cost of such programs or specialized equipment etc.

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