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Bill C-81

We want to share with members of CDBA the latest news about Bill C-81(An Act to ensure a barrier-free Canada); to inform you about recent activities to improve and advance this law, and to share with you the vision of our partnership with the Federal Accessibility Legislation Coalition (FALA) and the Canadian Association for the Deaf (CAD) going forward.

Bill C-81 has now moved on to the first reading in the Senate. Senators will review it, propose (if they decide to do so) any changes, and then the law will have to undergo the same steps that took place in the House of Commons. We expect it to pass and receive the Royal Accent before the next federal election.

We are happy to tell you that meetings with Senators  will take place from February 19 to February 22, 2019 in Ottawa to  share with them recommended changes to the law. We have all been working hard with our FALA partners on how to change Bill C-81 for the best. Such FALA and CAD recommendations are based on suggestions and advice from stakeholders like you during the past two years. Member input has been incredibly valuable.

Several videos have been created in ASL and LSQ to explain Bill C-81 and how the legislative process works. You can watch them by clicking on the links below:


Vlog 1: Bill C-81 Watch

Vlog 2: Legislative Process



Vlog 1: Surveillance du projet de loi C-81

Vlog 2: Le processus législatif


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